Kendra Sunderland: Why Degrading Women’s Body Helps Her Earn Millions From Losers!

Kendra Sunderland

From millions of weird text messages to ads from scammer websites, get ready to have your google search with keywords such as Kendra Sunderland stain you in the books of online data. As one individual who wanted to write to increase general knowledge, this article drifts me from the shore to the depths of an ocean bed of confusion about mankind. Being relegated to obligations such as writing the acts and contributions of Kendra Sunderland makes the individual born without the testosterone levels of rapists and serial masturbators question if it is okay to squander about how women’s bodies affect their financial end goal. Assurance that time spent wisely is far beyond the scope of existence brings you this compelling article so that we too can tug on the obscene google search that will place us higher and feed this financial cow. With that being said, let’s get started. 

Kendra Sunderland: How Women Scam Men Who Need To Jerk Off 


Kendra Sutherland was born on June 16, 1995, in Salem, Oregon, United States; She has a younger sister, with whom she shared her childhood in her hometown. Kendra herself went to West Salem High School, from where she enrolled in 2013, after which she enrolled at Oregon State University, and that’s when she became a star.

If Kendra ever decides to write and publish her memoirs, it will be a very interesting book, at least in regards to her still short relationship with the world of eroticism. After a happy childhood in which she always said she wanted to be a model, Kendra graduated from high school and went to Oregon State University where she would study economics. After losing the job with which she paid for her degree, she decided to try her luck as a webcamer and success was immediate. Little by little she was accumulating fans thanks to her natural mischievousness and her considerable size that contrasted with her slender figure.

Sunderland was born to her parents who must be so proud of their parenting skills as she is earning so much money taking advantage of horny men. 

Speaking of her parents, there is no information available about them on the Internet. Similarly, speaking of her educational qualification, Sunderland attended West Salem High School and later, to get her higher education qualification, she went to ‘Oregon State University’. When her video was first uploaded, Kendra was arrested, once she realized that Kendra made the video in the university library, and was detained by authorities and charged with public indecency – this would have also made her parents so very proud of their daughter who they raised with wonderful morals so that she could take advantage of horny men who have no idea how to talk to women or look at them as not objects. 

Initial career as a symbol of a woman making horrible choices:

Interrupted her student career, which she had already half abandoned due to her work as a webcamer that provided her with a large income, Kendra decided to take this erotic facet more seriously than ever and exploited all she could of the material that she broadcast or filmed with her boyfriend. She went from exhibitionist softcore to semi-professional porn and finally she ended up getting that great irrefutable offer to enter the handjob industry.

Here’s your cookie data that will alert scam websites to tag you: 

Kendra Sunderland is an American adult film actress and model who is popular for her viral library video. Also, this video got her into the adult film industry and drew over 250,000 hits on the popular website Pornhub, before she was removed.

The video put the police on the track, who arrested her on January 27, 2015 for public indecency. It was her arrest that made her a viral phenomenon and what would open her doors to the porn industry. 

That same year she was contacted by Playboy and Penthouse magazines to do some photo shoots. In the case of the second, she was proclaimed Pet of the Month for the month of May. 

She made her debut as a pornographic actress in 2015 at the hands of director Greg Lansky for his companies Vixen and Tushy. 

In 2016, she began appearing with other stars in the adult film series ‘Blacked’ (2016-2018), and also signed a contract with , appearing in various videos on the site. In recent years Kendra has been in adult movie videos such as ‘Interracial Icon 9’ and ‘Black & White Vol. 14’ in both 2018 and 2019 she appeared in ‘Racks Vol. 3’.

In 2017, in her first nomination, she won the AVN Award alongside Mick Blue , for Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene for the film Natural Beauties for which she was also nominated for the XBIZ Awards. in the category of Best sex scene in an all-sex movie. 

She has shot more than 90 films as an actress:

This makes this feminist a proud face for all the women who get married to men who think porn is where they should learn how to “do sex”. 

Net Worth for clicking her videos: 

Kendra Sutherland’s net worth is estimated at $700,000. She is 5ft 9in (1.75m) tall, weighs 121lbs or 55kg, and her vital stats are 33-25-35in. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes which she uses to take advantage of her male followers who follow her around like lambs because they are often controlled by their sexual urges and not by their brains. 

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