Pedro and Chantel: One Gets Mean Post Divorce, The Other Enjoys A Date!

Pedro and Chantel

So much has happened with the Everett family. The fans met Pedro and Chantel Everett for the first time in 90 Day Fiancé where we were introduced to her man at the time, Pedro Jimeno. The two got married and eventually got their own spin-off titled “The Family Chantel”. In their spinoff series, we really got to see how married life was treating Pedro and Chantel and all the drama between their families. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out in the end because Pedro filed for divorce in May 2022. By the end of the year it seemed that Chantel Everett had a new man in her life. So who is her new boyfriend? Chantel Everett’s new lover is not new to television and may even be someone you have heard of before! 

Pedro and Chantel: Where Are They Now After The Divorce? 

Chantel Everett Is Rumored To Be Dating Another Reality Star

Chantel Everett’s new boyfriend might be the one and only Rico Dollaz.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but for those who have seen Love & Hip Hop: New York, you’ve seen Rico before. He has been on the show since it started but became a main cast member in season 9. He also appeared in the Atlanta and Hollywood versions of the show as well.

According to online sources, Chantel and Rich have been seen together in Atlanta at least twice in the last few weeks. Anyone who has seen Rich on TV knows that he always seems to have a woman in his life. Throughout his time on Love & Hip Hop, Dollaz was seen partying with some of the different cast members. Rich was even on Season 17 of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition with his fellow star Mariahlynn.

So, Who Is Pedro Jimeno Dating?

As of now, Pedro has not been seen with anyone new. But part of the reason his relationship with Chantel was falling apart was because of the cheating allegations.

On his show, Pedro admitted that he had been driving his coworker Antonella Barrenechea home from work. Chantel thought that something else was going on while they were together. Pedro has always denied it.

Although he was the one who filed for divorce from Chantel, apparently it wasn’t because he was interested in another woman.

According to TMZ, Pedro had accused Chantel of stealing $257,000 from a joint bank account they shared. Chantel then reportedly transferred it to an account belonging to both her and her sister Winter.

So far, neither Chantel nor Pedro have spoken about the divorce or what their next plans are. But Pedro may be happy to be away from the family of his future ex-wife.

In Season 4 of The Family Chantel, Royal’s brother married a woman named Angelette. Pedro noted how welcoming Chantel’s family was to Angelette and wondered why it was so hard for him to be accepted into the family when she is an immigrant who also married on a K-1 visa.

Pedro Jimeno Labeled A Narcissist By The Family Chantel

After Pedro’s recent behavior towards Chantel during and after their divorce, fans of The Chantel Family believe he has always been narcissistic.

Pedro’s shocking divorce filing and surprising change in attitude in Season 4 had fans believing he was a charade all along. After four seasons, fans of The Family Chantel now believe they’ve seen Pedro Jimeno for who he really is – a narcissist. At first, it seemed like the relationship between the two, which fans first witnessed in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, was like any other relationship with its constant ups and downs.

Pedro’s complete disgrace within The Family Chantel’s fanbase was what many expected, as most fans had always suspected Pedro’s sleazy persona. While some fans initially felt he was just misunderstood, his suspicious and selfish behavior towards Chantel (which led to their divorce) got fans to agree on his bogus persona. For example, Reddit user estrellita007 noted, “This man played the long dick. It seems like to behave in this way, Pedro was trained by his mother. Someone who is “naive” wouldn’t have the emotional range to manipulate and turn on Chantel like (he) did. He bided his time, then once they had an asset (the house) he used silly excuses to push her away. 

Exploitative behavior

Most fans thought what Pedro did to Chantel throughout their marriage was showing traits of a narcissist. 

Many believe that Pedro was with Chantel only because of exploitative behavior meaning that he was with her with the intention to gain from her, as marrying Chantel meant he could leave to America and get a green card rather than slum it out in the Dominican Republic. Chantel also paid for his family’s expenses until he found a job, but once he became financially independent, Pedro’s behavior towards Chantel changed.

Pedro’s sense of entitlement

During the divorce proceedings, Pedro was surprisingly stoic and showed no signs of emotion, despite his seven-year marriage to Chantel ending.  

However, when he learned that Chantel had withdrawn all the money from their joint account Pedro had become visibly upset! 

Pedro thought he deserved some of the money even though he withdrew from the account behind Chantel’s back. He also refused to get intimate with her when he was allegedly having an affair with a coworker.

Pedro’s endless selfish and gaslighting behavior

Fans first witnessed Pedro’s selfish and gaslighting behavior when Chantel failed her nursing exam, and instead of consoling and encouraging his wife, he berated her. Additionally, when Chantel cried during their divorce proceedings, Pedro said her tears were manipulative even though he was the one who filed for divorce. Despite the heartbreak, fans of The Family Chantel are happy that Chantel left the narcissist Pedro.

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