Who Is Bianca Censori, Kanye West’s Alleged Wife?

Bianca Censori

According to what has been circulating, Kanye West not only has a new girlfriend, but he’s also secretly married one of his co-workers during a small wedding ceremony. Kanye West and Bianca Censori first sparked romance rumors days earlier. Indeed, they were seen holding hands as they entered a hotel in Beverly Hills. However, what intrigues fans is the mysterious Bianca Censori. 

Interesting Facts About Kanye West’s Marriage To Yeezy Architect Bianca Censori  

Kanye West hasn’t stopped making headlines since the start of last year and the start of this one. It started with his divorce from Kim Kardashian, then continued with his unfortunate controversies, such as when he had to close the Donda Academy or when he spoke about Hitler and the Jewish community. Now all of the headlines are about Kanye West’s sudden marriage to a woman called Bianca Censori.  

Who is Bianca Censori?

Bianca Censori is a 27-year-old Australian-American who has been spotted with “Ye” wearing wedding rings even though she isn’t legally married to Kanye West. The young woman is now the new wife of Kanye West, after a ceremony celebrated in the greatest secrecy, and a honeymoon spent in Utah.

What is striking? Her resemblance to Kim Kardashian. Same black hair, same dizzying curves, same style. Everything is there and that’s certainly what appealed to Kanye West. 

According to the magazine Page Six, Kim Kardashian hates Bianca Censori, who married Kanye West just two months after their divorce was formalized, and has been for a while. 

“Kim hates her,” says a source. This specifies that the mother of the rapper’s children has never had a particular reason to hate the young woman of 27 years, if not her beauty. And the fact that she may have felt in the past a desire on her part to get closer to Kanye West, when they were still married.


According to her LinkedIn profile, she works at Yeezy where she holds the position of architectural designer. In addition, she holds a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Melbourne. After finishing school and before starting her studies at the University of Melbourne, she started her own jewelry business, called Nylons.

The small business was run along with a friend, Irene. They have created chokers and bracelets made with a luxurious material: Swarovski crystals. They were doing the work for themselves and their friends, but soon realized they had the potential to open a store.

After graduating from college, Censori became a design consultant for a year, before working as an architecture student for three years. Although she has gone through several branches of design, she always returns to her home studio. At the end of her master’s degree in Australia, which she gave between 2019 and 2020, she moved to Los Angeles.

That’s when she landed a job at Yeezy. She currently continues to work for Kanye West’s brand and has been there for almost three years now, having joined the company in November 2020. 

This is how Kanye West’s new wife met her boss and now new boyfriend. The young designer had Instagram, but decided in recent days to keep it private. 

Body Measurements:

She is 1.75m tall and weighs 75kg. Also, she has naturally black hair and eyes of the same color. Since marrying Ye, she also recently ditched her long brown hair in favor of a short, platinum cut. 

Other FAQs about Kanye West and Bianca:

Is Kanye really married to Bianca?

After spending much of his divorce fighting to win back ex-wife Kim Kardashian – while very publicly dating other high-profile women like Irina Shayk  and Julia Fox and it seems Kanye West has finally found a new wife, one who is not trying to distract him (which is what Julia Fox said she did). 

In theory, the rapper and his new wife got married in secret and in a fairly private ceremony. Although the event took place, it would not be legal, because they did not obtain a marriage certificate. 

However, they have been seen wearing engagement rings ever since, symbolizing their newfound love. The couple were last seen at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills and it looks like Ye gave us several clues about his new girlfriend.

The tabloid’s sources confirmed that this new accessory is meant to symbolize his commitment to his second wife after the ceremony.

How long has Bianca known Kanye?

While it’s unclear how long the two have known each other, Censori became Yeezy’s architectural designer in November 2020. However, in December 2022, Kanye West apparently hinted at their romance in his new song “Censori overload”.

Another clue as to what led to this whirlwind walk down the aisle can be found in the lyrics released last month: “And the Bible said, ‘I can’t have more sex until I get married’”. 

This impromptu wedding ceremony also comes just two months after Kanye West and his ex-wife reached an agreement for their divorce after seven years of marriage. The former couple have determined they will have joint custody with equal access to their four children – North, Saint , Chicago, and Psalm – and the rapper will pay $200,000 child support on top of 50% of the costs of education and safety of their children.

What does Bianca’s family think of her marriage to Kanye?

“This is very exciting news for my sister and the family, but we are choosing to have some privacy at this time,” Bianca’s sister told the “Herald Sun”. 

Additionally, another family member, Alyssia, shared with the outlet that she was “super happy” for the two of them. In short, his family members are happy with his union with Kanye West.

Is Kim Kardashian okay with Kanye’s new marriage?

Kim Kardashian apparently is not a big fan of Kanye West’s new wife Bianca Censori. Nonetheless, she wouldn’t be as surprised as the rest of the world. Sources told TMZ that “Kim hates her”. Other insiders say it was well known in Yeezy HQ  that the boss’ wife didn’t like her and suspected her of having relationships with the rapper who was still married to Kim at the time. 

A few weeks ago, in a podcast hosted by Angie Martinez,  Kim Kardashian complained about her difficulty coping with co-parenting with her ex-husband. “It’s damn hard. One day, my children will thank me for having sat there and for not having overwhelmed their father as I could have done”, she let go, mentioning in passing “all the completely crazy bullshit” of the rapper these last months. “They will thank me, and I will answer any questions they ask me in private,” she said.

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